2023 in Zeeverse: The Genesis Year

5 min readJan 18, 2024


Greetings, Shamans!

What an incredible year 2023 has been!

This year, with 30 game update releases, we’ve solidly laid the foundation for an even more exciting 2024. It’s important to pause and celebrate our milestones before we leap into what’s next.

A major achievement this year was the development of over 10 critical infrastructure components, enhancing and introducing multiplayer, inventory, and PVP capabilities. These seemingly invisible mechanics are crucial stepping stones for the exciting updates planned for 2024.

Genesis Masks

The year 2023 will forever be etched in Zeeverse history as the Genesis Year, a time of unparalleled beginnings. In 2022, early Shamans were presented with a golden opportunity: to mint Genesis Masks at no cost. These masks swiftly became more than just digital assets; they evolved into powerful symbols of unity and connection within our community, embodying the spirit of togetherness that Zeeverse cherishes. And throughout 2023, as more Shamans came to our lands, Genesis Masks became even rarer and more sought after. We’ve recognized the profound significance of these masks by ensuring that mask holders get priority access to the new content we develop, reaffirming their special status in the Zeeverse community.
Browse Zeeverse Genesis Masks on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/zeeverse-masks/overview

Curve, The 4th Dimension

We ventured beyond the usual realms with “Curve, The 4th Dimension” This adventure introduced a new item collection and the delightful Curve Llamas, adding a funky dynamic to Zeeverse.

Curve, The 4th Dimension collection stats on Opensea

Legend of Soul Keeper

Our Shamans have been incredibly active, especially in freeing The Last Soul Keeper. This significant event now aids Shamans in connecting Zeeverse with outer realms, facilitating the withdrawal of items, Zee, and $VEE — the currency of our lands.
Legend of Soul Keeper introduced Soul Shards and Genesis Lootpods, with both items being available to mint. From April 2023, 1,941 Soul Shards has been minted!

And in a move that aligns perfectly with the Genesis theme, Genesis Lootpods paved way for our first item collection — the Genesis Collection.

Learn more about Zeeverse items here: https://zeeverse.medium.com/zeeverse-nfts-tokens-d3ad39b28133


Our PvP tournaments brought competitive spirit, allowing Shamans to compete for $VEE rewards or even wager among themselves. We hosted Zeeverse PvP Festival in August which allowed the victors to take home $VEE, Zeeverse Genesis Masks, and Loot Pods!
As of January, more than 20K Tournaments have been played.

Weekly Harvest

A mysterious event where consuming corn transported Shamans to the Spirit Realm. Capturing Spirit Corn and returning them to the Altar earned them a Wampum Belt, exchangeable for a mint of the Weekly Harvest Lootpod — granting access to the Weekly Harvest collection including new items like the Fishing Rod.
Last Weekly Harvest took place in December and more than 16K Spirit Corn was exchanged for Wampum Belts!

The Forge

A weekly challenge dungeon with changing modifiers. Every 10 floors, players encountered Vulkan, offering rewards like the rare Nina Wach’a weapon. (Psst, only 9 Shamans have found Nina Wach'a thus far) Plus, the introduction of weekly leaderboards and rewards for Shamans that ventured the farthest, added an extra layer of competition.
As of January, around 81K Forge levels have been completed.

Read more about The Forge here!

The Heist

With Melon Tusk’s arrival, the Bank of Zeeverse opened, generating $VEE for Soul Shard holders. However, Melon Tusk’s devious nature introduced a thrilling twist — the option to plunder other Shamans’ vaults using Heist Tokens!
As of January, 42,594 Vaults has had plunder attempts!

Read more about The Heist here!

We also celebrated joining forces with Treasure! This collaboration led to multiple live events, cross-play opportunities, and the integration of Zeeverse items, Genesis Masks, and Zees into Treasure’s marketplace. $VEE Token also became listed on Treasure's MagicSwap!

Curve Summit 2023

Our participation in Curve Summit 2023 was another highlight, where we engaged with many Shamans in person, sharing exclusive merch and the participants received Mr. Block’s Chest of Wondrous Oddities. One might wonder what such chest contains…

Strange New World

And finally, we wrapped up the year with the first Phase of Land sale — a groundbreaking start to our most ambitious project yet, setting the stage for an even more thrilling journey ahead.

In preparation for the Land sale we launched Weaver's Quest, where Shamans have to venture far and wide to collect shells for Wampum Belt that could be exchanged for Land. Most notably, White Shell could only be obtained by conquering enemies in The Beacon and Knights of the Ether, fostering the true cross-play spirit of Treasure DAO.

As we journey into the next year, Zeeverse is bracing for an era of intense development and innovation. Our focus is on meticulously building out the full spectrum of mechanics introduced with Lands. This is a journey of perfecting every detail, ensuring that when Shamans finally land on their own Lands, the experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Read and learn more about Lands here and here!
Find Lands on Opensea here!

Numbers, numbers, NUMBERS!!!

To wrap up, here's some exciting stats from 2023!

  • Game sessions: 1,204,359
  • Total Playtime: 35,002,080 minutes, 583,368 hours, or 24,307 days
  • New Users: 38'687 (filtered for bots)
  • Average DAU end of the year: 1,500
  • Dungeons completed: 2,9M
  • Eggs hatched: 30,834
  • Zees leveled up: 347,841
  • Genesis Masks: 0.0045 ETH -> 0.45 ETH
  • Genesis Mask total traded volume: 267 ETH
  • Zee total traded volume: 27 ETH
  • Zeeverse: Items total traded volume: 67 ETH
  • $VEE deposited to Zeeverse: 99,5M
  • $VEE FDV: 100M (Got there in the New Year's Eve!)
Thank you, Shamans!




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