Hatch and Evolve: Discover Zee Eggs

3 min readSep 9, 2022

Zeeverse is growing and constantly evolving by the day. From the hatching of the idea till this very moment, we’ve come a long way to bring you the most amazing and adventurous world of Zee.

As the inhabitants of the Zeeverse, Zee monsters make their universe tick. Coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes, Ze monsters are an essential asset in the Zeeverse, as they are the only way to play Zeeverse. With Zee, you can engage in battles with other players, or team up with your friends to enter the dungeons, go on raids, and test the limits of your skill and courage. Today, let’s dive into how you can obtain your very own ZEEs and how to best utilize them in-game!

A Little About ZEEs…

When it comes to picking your own Ze, there is a lot to be considered. Each Ze is unique and possesses different traits that are assign upon hatching and can make or break your battle strategy. Our current selection offers 9 different Zee from each of the available types — water, fire, jungle. Going forward, we aim to not only bring you 12 different Zee types, but also 250+ unique Zee to collect, evolve, and battle with.

Although acquiring a Ze is a necessary first step, it is by no means the last or the most important one. Once you have your Zee, you have to put in the work, as the full benefits and power of a Zee will only come through getting your hands dirty and fighting in order to get experience. Only with experience is it possible to level up a Zee to improve its traits, give it new abilities to use in battle, change its appearance, and ultimately evolve it into a new kind of Zee!

So, How do I Get a ZEE?

As valuable as the Zee are, it’s important to take a step back and understand the mechanism through which one can even get to a fully functional Zee in the first place. It all starts with an egg… a ZEE Egg! Not readily purchased on grocery store shelves, a Zee egg can only be found in dungeons or acquired from other players.

After hatching your Zee Egg, the fun only begins. By painstakingly collecting XP through battles and training your faithful battle companions, a time comes when a Zee is ready to be evolved further. Several things have to come together for a successful evolution of a Zee, the most important of which is the requirement to burn 3 same-type Zee monsters. After the monsters have been burned, a more powerful, and visually striking Zee emerges, ready to battle new and more powerful enemies.

And thus the cycle continues, with ever-stronger Zee being born through the sacrifice of the weaker ones…

With all the progress we’ve had, and all the progress that’s ahead of us, we are very excited to take you all together on a journey through the Zeeverse. And to make sure you don’t miss any of our latest developments, updates, and events, stay up to date by following us on all of our social media channels!

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