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The air around has become electric with Duke Reginald Rupert III’s arrival (or crash) at Zeeverse. Shamans are already wondering what exactly lies behind the property Rupert is preparing to sell and what secrets it holds.

This first of two article installments will focus on the Land structure, biomes and gameplay impact. The second article will focus on multiplayer aspects and the Genesis Mask utility.

With the arrival of Lands in Zeeverse Beta, Master Chiefs, as the landowners, gain early access to gameplay and features coming to Zeeverse. No one is left out, as Shamans can also join by becoming Tribe members under the guidance of a Master Chief and experience Land gameplay too. This ensures a dynamic and inclusive environment for everyone.

Rarity and Distribution

Lands will be configured as ERC-6551 tokens, or The Backpack NFT, being able to hold various Zeeverse assets — a new home for your Zees, a fitting display for your Genesis Mask, a storage unit for your equipment, and your entry to the player-owned economy of Zeeverse.

Furthermore, upon your first visit, you will find a unique Treasure Chest filled with tools, resources, and artifacts, after which these chests will transform into storage units for inventory management.

Lands will be distributed in three Grades — Rare, Epic and Legendary.

  • Rare Land (3,000 Lands) — 0.125 ETH (Allowlist) / 0.15 ETH (Public)
  • Epic Land (300 Lands) — 0.75 ETH (Allowlist) / 0.9 ETH (Public)
  • Legendary Land (33 Lands) — 5 ETH (Dutch action, price decreasing every minute. Takes place after Public sale. Two Legendary Lands will feature exclusive 1-of-1 biomes.)

NOTE: Land sale will take place on ETH Mainnet.

Every Land, rich in resources, offers substantial content to Master Chief and their Tribe members. The offerings and the size of a Land through rarity Grades grow exponentially, ensuring access to plethora of resources and skill training opportunities.


Some of the biomes will feel familiar to Shamans based on the Zees available in-game, however, Zeeverse Beta will bring novel experiences to all and curiosity about what’s to come. And biome-specific resource plots will make every Land vital for a thriving in-game economy.

Among the nine biomes arriving in Zeeverse, seven, though varying in rarity, are in reach of all Shamans. Two of them were thought to be a myth — Corrupted and Celestial. One might wonder about how Rupert came into possession of them…


Spread across the biomes, there are 12 types of ores and 13 types of gems, with two unique types found exclusively in the Celestial and Corrupted biomes — each biome possessing its unique variety. Mastery in Mining and Crafting enables Shamans to craft increasingly more powerful equipment, and materials from Celestial and Corrupted biomes, respectively allow for the creation of the strongest armor, weapons, and accessories.

Additionally, wielding such armor requires a high Taming level, ensuring that game loops are respected and making progression through the game more meaningful. Gems, however, will be used to create accessories or further enhance equipment, bestowing additional effects and boosting existing ones. Executing these actions proficiently demands skill not only in Crafting but also in Shamanism.

Aside from ores and gems, throughout the Lands, Shamans will discover various Fishing and Farming patches where they can gather ingredients for food and potions. It is rumored that there is also a mystical Well on every Land, and it is up to the Shamans to discover its use and purpose.


Lands will serve as an early access point to not only new biomes and resources that come with them, but also Professions. The nine Professions of Zeeverse will be:

  • Fishing — Catch fish throughout Zeeverse
  • Mining — Acquire ore and gems from mining deposits
  • Farming — Cultivate various crops and herbs and much more from farming plots
  • Cooking — Cook delicious meals that restore the health of your Zees
  • Crafting — Process various materials to create new equipment and accessories
  • Soulcrafting — Purify Corrupted Souls, acquired from defeating Zees in Dungeons, to create biome-specific Souls
  • Herbalism — Transform herbs into potions that boost your Shaman’s abilities
  • Shamanism — Cast various spells and perform rituals with the use of Souls
  • Taming — Progression profession that unlocks various equipment, increases your mastery over Zees and serves as a representation of time invested in game.

To foster a healthy player-owned economy, Zeeverse introduces gathering and artisanal professions, but to take it a step further, Shamanism and Taming are both player utility Professions that aid and enhance gameplay.

Each of the Professions will have a max level of 99, requiring considerable training to reach this level. This will create a new generation of Shamans who specialize only in their favorite Professions, enabling them to gather and process resources more efficiently than their peers.

The economy in Zeeverse Beta is primarily based on resources and their products, with the majority of these resources being acquired through Lands, making the Master Chiefs the backbone of the economy of Zeeverse.


In later stages, every Land will receive a biome-specific Voxel Mine, introducing 41 Voxel types to the game. Voxels will be used to develop various structures, from aesthetic to functional, such as Bank Vaults, Totem Poles, and various profession-based stations. These different structures will require a variety of Voxels, encouraging players and Tribes to strategize and cooperate to collaboratively progress through Zeeverse.

Mining in Voxel Mines involves extracting Voxels from Voxel Blocks, with the capacity of the Mine depending on the Land Grade.* As Mining advances, the Voxel Mine’s level increases, which in turn makes Voxel extraction progressively more difficult.

The extraction power of a Shaman will be directly linked to the power of their staked Zee. In scenarios where multiple players have staked their Zees in a Mine, the extraction process employs a raffle system to allocate extracted Voxel Block to one player, with each player’s staked Zee power influencing their chances of winning. Block progress is updated every minute, and Master Chiefs can put taxes on their Mines, earning a share of the Voxels mined from Blocks.

Voxel Mining essentially converts players’ invested time in game into Voxels to be traded or used on blueprints. While Zees are working, they are not available in battle, meaning no Zee will never need to sit idle in an inventory. As Shamans will also be able to contribute their Zees to Voxel Mines from other Lands, a collaborative environment is fostered.

Scratching the Surface

This article covers the foundational aspects of Lands, but it barely scratches the surface. Stay tuned for our next article, which will delve into Tribal Gameplay, Blessings, and Genesis Mask utility in Lands!

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