Zeeverse Land: Genesis Masks, Blessings & Tribes

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Welcome back, Shamans.

Our previous article focused on Land mechanics of Biomes, Professions, and Resources, while this article will delve into multiplayer aspects and the direct benefits of a Shaman’s Genesis Mask for both the individual Landholder and their Tribe.

Genesis Mask

A Zeeverse Genesis Mask is required to start a Tribe on any Land. The esteemed Shamans holding a Genesis Mask have the ability to visit their own Land’s Altar to stake their Mask upon it. This affiliates the Land with one of the Three Zeeverse Nations, deciding which side they will fight on during the Tribe War.


Tribes are player-built social structures, inhabiting a Land, aligned with one of the Three Nations. Tribes reside on a Master Chief’s Land and partake in various activities and resource gathering within.

Tribe size specifications:

  • Rare Lands — up to 25 members
  • Epic Lands — up to 75 members
  • Legendary Lands — up to 250 members

Private Lobbies and Customization

Lands are set to become social hubs for players, and with this in mind, we are providing landowners with a large selection of customization options.

From being able to tailor sounds, skyboxes, and effects, to controlling access in various ways, ranging from simply making a Land private to using NFTs as gateways for access, exclusively allowing only certain NFT holders to visit a Land or join a Tribe. This will allow the Landowners to develop and hold their own custom events like drop parties, AMAs, and much more.

Most importantly, Landowners will decide who gets to use their resource plots — them, their Tribe or everyone, and have the ability to apply tax on resources gathered within their Land.

Tribe Hierarchy

Master Chief

The Master Chief, as the landowner and the ultimate beneficiary of his Land, collects a tax on all transactions made by his Tribe members. They have the discretion to use these funds to build new structures, buy communal equipment, host tournaments, distribute among Tribe members, or keep for personal use. Additionally, Master Chief can tax Resource Plots and Voxel Mines found on the Land to their heart’s content.


Patrons play a role in strengthening the bond between a Land and the Gods by purchasing Tributes, which in turn enhances the Blessings bestowed upon the Land. Patrons are not required to be Tribe members to purchase a Tribute.


Members are the lifeblood of a Tribe and are the ones whose actions directly contribute to growth of a Tribe and accumulation of Tribe Points, later coming into play at Tribe Wars.

Members of the Tribe can use the Land’s resource plots to train their skills and % of their in-game $VEE transactions goes to their Master Chief’s holdings, which further can be used to develop the Land and grow the Tribe.


Mask Traits directly relate to the Blessings they provide

The moment Genesis Mask is staked upon a Land’s Altar, Blessings are granted to it, which are predetermined in-game benefits that depend on the rarity tiers of the Genesis Mask traits. The rarer the traits (and their trait sets) of the Genesis Mask, the more exquisite and potent Blessings become — this is especially prominent if a mask shares multiple traits from the same set, as these boosts are additive.

Master Chiefs and their tribe members can only receive Blessings from one Land at a time. In an event where a player holds multiple Lands and has staked multiple Genesis Masks, only one Land’s Blessing can be active. However, managing multiple Tribes is permitted.

If a Master Chief decides to join another Tribe as a Member, Blessings of that Land will overwrite their own.


The effects of Blessings increase as Patrons purchase Tributes, with each subsequent Tribute being more expensive and further enhancing the benefits of a Blessing. The price of Tributes grows in accordance with bonding curve mechanics.

An exciting aspect of Blessings is that Patrons can sell back their Tributes at the price of the latest bought Tribute — this becomes an incredibly lucrative opportunity for those who recognize ambitious Tribes early and commit to their success — a mechanism reminiscent of the recently popular SocialFi experiments. Additionally, the Master Chief receives a percentage of tax from each Tribute transaction.

Patrons will be able to lock in their Tributes for a certain amount of time, rendering them unsellable, to show commitment to a Tribe, which in turn will strengthen the Blessings and earn more Tribe Points for upcoming Tribe Wars.

Tribe Wars

At the end of every Seasonal Cycle, Tribes engage in a multi-week competitive event known as Tribe Wars, where their strength is assessed by Tribe Points. These points are accumulated through Patrons’ Tributes, active participation of Tribe Members, and crucially, the Master Chief’s leadership in nurturing the Tribe’s growth.

Tribe Wars epitomize the principle of reaping what you sow: the more active and effective a Tribe is, the higher its Tribe Points result. A high score enables the Tribe to deploy a stronger Legendary Beast, representing their Genesis Mask’s Nation, to challenge other Tribes.

Success in these confrontations elevates their position on the Tribe War leaderboard, offering a chance to claim a substantial share of the Grand Prize Pool.

Grand Prize Pool

Grand Prize Pool consists of seasonally curated artifacts by the Zeeverse team and a massive amount of $VEE collected from all in-game transactions all throughout the Season. As the Tribe Wars conclude, the Grand Prize Pool is proportionally distributed among the championing and the runner-up Tribes based on their ranking.

A Journey To Zeeverse Beta

These articles serve as a deeper look into the Lands, but our exploration of the Lands extends beyond these articles. Stay tuned for an update to the Zeeverse Gitbook that delves even deeper into resource distribution and covers the complete conversion of Genesis Mask traits into Blessings!

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