Weaver's Quest: Get Free Zeeverse Land

4 min readOct 30, 2023


The Spirit Realm is abuzz with whispers and the scales of Chaos and Order tremble on the edge of change. Today marks the beginning of the Weaver’s Quest, a pathway leading you to an unclaimed slice of the Strange New World. The stakes are high; the rewards, momentous.

Four weeks, seven mystical shells, and one powerful Wampum Belt that holds the key to your Tribe’s future. This is your chance to not just play the game, but to own a part of Zeeverse itself.

Are you prepared for the journey?

Legendary Land Wampum Belt


You’re invited to partake in a 4-week adventure to collect 7 vibrant Shells across Zeeverse, our Treasure Partner games, and our social communities.

Collect all, and you shall weave them into a legendary Land Wampum Belt which grants 1x Free Mint at the upcoming Zeeverse Land Sale (read more).

Collect only some, and you forego the Belt. But may still get a chance to exchange the remnants of your collection for exotic items brought by from the Strange New World by our new hero.

🐚 Shell Types

Yellow Shell

Drops: Oct 30 → Nov 5 (Live now)
Found in the depths of Zeeverse, this Shell may drop from the enemies you encounter in Dungeons and The Forge. The odds are slim, but attainable.

Mask Holder advantage: 3x drop rate

Green Shell

Drops: Nov 6 → Nov 12
A new addition to the treasures found in the Weekly Harvest Loot Pods. Join one of the many events scattered throughout the week, outsmart your competitors, and the Pod may bless you with a Green Shell.

Mask Holder advantage: 100% drop chance, up to 3 Shells.

White Shell

Drops: Nov 13 → Nov 19
Found by traversing the space-time of Web3 games, you may attain the White Shell by conquering enemies in The Beacon and Knights of the Ether. More guidance on this shall follow soon.

In the true cross-play spirit of Treasure DAO, this will be the first adventure of its kind in Zeeverse, as the Shells you earn in these parallel realms will be directly airdropped to you on our existing Items collection.

Mask Holder advantage: TBA

Red Shell

Drops: Nov 20 → Nov 26
The Shell that will truly test your prowess — earned by challenging your fellow players in the upcoming Heist PVP mode. Keep an eye out on our Discord Announcements to be the first to know when it goes live.

Mask Holder advantage: 3x drop rate

Brown Shell

Drops: Nov 13 → Nov 26
The elusive one. Spawned randomly throughout 2 weeks, one by one shall the Brown Shells appear across the Zeeverse lobby. Available to all, yet will scarce in its own right.

Mask Holder advantage: N/A

Blue Shell

Drops: Oct 30 → Nov 26
The Shell that tests your fortune. Attainable through giveaways and raffles, your path to one lies through Zeeverse AMAs, Discord raffles, Creator streams, and collaboration giveaways. Attend the events consistently, and the odds shall stack in your favor. And turn on the 🔔 on X to stay ahead

Mask Holder advantage: 2x raffle odds via custom Zeeverse raffle tool.

Teal Shell

Drops: Oct 30 → Nov 26
The one that seals the deal. The ultimate collector's Shell earned by true Zeeverse veterans, fans, and new devotees. The Teal Shell is perhaps most elusive in its nature and limited in its quantity, yet may find its way to you in unpredictable ways.

Your best clue? Explore Zeeverse, take part in events, stay alert with our updates, and in no time will you find yourself holding one…

Mask Holder advantage: dedicated Teal Shell raffles.


Can I collect more than 1 Shell of the same type?

Yes. You may even employ a strategy of acquiring multiple Shells of same type on purpose, to trade with other players on later stages

How many Shells are there in total?

There is no limit on Shells, but there are approximate soft caps on how many may drop in-game. Expect that by the end of the quests, the supply of different shells will highly vary depending on player involvement during each stage.

What if I collect only some Shells?

If you don't collect all 7 Shell types, you may still exchange them for some new exotic items brought to Zeeverse from the Strange New World. What those are? You shall find out at the end.

I have another question…

Jump into our Discord and ask away! Our team and moderators will be there to help.

Strange New World

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Zeeverse is a free-to-play monster-tamer RPG set in an indigenous fantasy world. It’s a place where turn-based strategy meets exploration, the thrill of collecting, and the player’s drive to create.

Embark on a heroic journey through the Spirit Realms to unlock ancient mysteries, collect mythical creatures, and forge your path among gods.

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