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For a long time, Zees of Sky Island has been growing in strength, attracting the attention of Coyote, The Clatter. Unfortunately, during the Genesis Egg ritual, Coyote met an untimely demise. However, this was not his first death and certainly won’t be his last. Having lived a long life, Coyote possesses the knowledge needed to cultivate and evolve the spirits of Zees. With Coyote’s resurrection, new evolutions are possible and evolved Zees can reach level 100.

Getting started

To begin evolution process, talk to Coyote in game. To evolve a level 50 Zee you need to sacrifice two level 50 Zees of the same type (Water/Fire/Grass) and pay 150,000 on-chain $VEE from your Treasure wallet.
The chosen Zee for evolution will ascend to its next form, unlock a new ability, gaining a level (50-> 51) and its stats will increase by 10%. Evolved Zees keep the traits and trait upgrade levels.
Important to note, that Zee evolution takes place on-chain, so to prepare, make sure all of your Zees are on-chain and deposited, alongside $VEE, into your Treasure wallet. To transfer $VEE from your wallet to Treasure wallet, simply send $VEE to your Treasure wallet's address.

New Zees on the Voxel

Fire Type Evolutions

Zoomba becomes Zuulu and unlocks the ability Bee Sweet! which applies Blind & Burn debuffs to enemy Zee, damaging it at the start of the turn and decreasing its accuracy by 30% for regular attacks and offensive abilities.

Chaka evolves to Chakari and unlocks Burn-e-rang, imbuing its next attack with 50% Bloodthirst. Zee that receives Chakari's attack will also receive a debuff which reduces any healing received by 50% for the next 2 turns.

Hotpot switches up its spice levels and becomes Maocai — learning Hot Plot, an AOE attack that generates shield equal to 50% damage dealt.

Grass Type Evolutions

Drax grows into Draxotl, unlocking Tough Snake, an ability that summons a snake to shield Draxotl, for 30% of its max HP. Shield breaks in 2 turns, and deals the remaining shield amount as AOE damage to enemy team.

Taka transforms into Tonka, learning Rock Whisperer, a shield ability which, while active, increases Tonka's damage by 50%.

Gongo doubles up and becomes Tango, crashing the party with Groove Vibe, an ability which applies shield to itself or a friendly Zee. Whoever messes with the vibe and attacks the shield-bearer becomes stunned for 1 turn.

Chomp grows into Crunch, becoming more deadly and learning Tricky Tooth, an ability that submerges itself gaining +50% damage to its next attack. While submerged, Crunch dodges all direct offensive attacks and abilities.

Squill evolves into Squillani, learning So Toxic!, ability which deals damage to enemy on impact and leaves a debuff that converts all healing received to damage for 3 turns.

Trumpy becomes Gajara, unlocking Trunk Smooch, an ability that stores all damage reflected from Reverse Harm, which can be used to either heal a friendly Zee or damage an enemy Zee.

Are we forgetting someone… funky?

No! With Zee Evolutions, Curve Llamas also receives their second form. Evolution process stays the same, with Shamans sacrificing two Curve Llamas to evolve one. Evolution cost is 420 $CRV (Curve DAO Token), which needs to be transferred to your Treasure wallet.

Curve Llama becomes Curve Ll, and Funky Curve Llama becomes Funkier Curve Ll, both learning Monty's Box, which hides Curve Ll in a box and opponent has to guess the correct box. Guessing correct does damage to Ll, but guessing wrong does damage to opponent and reduces cooldown to Shapeshifter ability. Funkier Curve Ll has decreased cooldown to Monty's Box ability.

Evolutions ushers a brand new chapter to Zeeverse. Stay tuned — we have a fantastic year ahead of us.

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