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Emberwing has been well fed throughout all fiery events leading up to today — The Forge, Tournaments and other events that really heated up the past month. But now it's time.

Once the Harvester awakens, players will be able to interact with the Emberwing, now nested near the Forge. Zeeverse Ancient Permits will be unlocked for transfer, and Tournament winners can claim their Zeeverse Ancient Permits from the Treasure Platform.

Players can stake Zeeverse Ancient Permits in Emberwing and stake $MAGIC in the Harvester to earn $MAGIC! Each Ancient Permit allows the user to stake up to 2,000 $MAGIC, each account can stake up to 20 Ancient Permits.

The Zeeverse Harvester can hold 6M $MAGIC in total. As players take more and more $MAGIC into Emberwing, it begins to produce more and moore $MAGIC:

How long will Emberwing exist?

  • Minimum: 3 months
  • Estimated: targeting Treasure Chain migration in Q3

Additional mechanics will affect Emberwing while it's active:

Corruption: Over time “Corruption” will gradually seep into Emberwing, weakening its ability to generate $MAGIC. The only way to remove Corruption is to feed Emberwing Zeeverse Items.

  • Burning Zeeverse items removes Corruption, benefitting all players inhabiting the Harvester.
  • When removing Corruption, players will also have a chance of receiving Malevolent Prisms as loot, which are used in Bridgeworld to forge Corruption that players can cast on enemy Harvesters and lower their Mining Power.

Boosters: Special “Metabolic Booster” NFTs may be fed to Emberwing to drive it into a $MAGIC emitting frenzy:

  • Boosters can be crafted in Bridgeworld (using Treasures and Legions.)
  • Boosters can also be crafted using various types of Balancer Crystals (gamified liquidity items). Zeeverse Balancer Crystals will be made available shortly after (using VEE/MAGIC LP)

Accessing Emberwing in-game

You will find Emberwing perched near the Forge, but in order to interact with it you will need a Treasure Account which allows the Zeeverse to talk to the Harvester contracts on-chain directly. You will also need to transfer the Emberwing Permits and $MAGIC to the Treasure Account wallet to stake.

Transferring NFTs to Treasure Account

In order to stake and interact with Emberwing in-game, you will need a Treasure account, and to transfer items to that Treasure account. You can do this here: https://bridgeworld.treasure.lol/harvesters/zeeverse

Step 1: Login (or signup) to your Treasure Account. The site will send you a one-time password to your email which you can use to login.

Step 2: Once in, approve and transfer Permits and MAGIC to your Treasure account.

Step 3: Select specific Zees, Zeeverse Items, and Legions to approve and transfer to your Treasure Account.

Step 4: Once these steps are complete, you may access Emberwing from Zeeverse near the Forge, and login (or sign up) to your Treasure Account. This will be the same email you used in the NFT transferral site in Step 1.

Step 5: Players can then stake Permits, then stake $MAGIC. You may also stake Zees and remove Corruption to maintain Emberwing’s mining power.

Players can also claim $MAGIC rewards here

If you have Boosters or wish to stake Legions, you may do this in the Bridgeworld website https://bridgeworld.treasure.lol/harvesters/all and clicking on Emberwing’s portrait.

Boosting Harvester Mining Power

$MAGIC rewards are divided between the Harvesters based on their “Mining Power”. Approximately +207k MAGIC are split between these Harvesters every week. You can view Harvesters’ Mining Power and MAGIC production here: https://bridgeworld.treasure.lol/harvesters/leaderboard

The “Mining Power” of each Harvester fluctuates constantly and can be increased by staking various “Booster” NFTs and burning Zeeverse Items, here are their effects:

Staking Zees

Players can stake up to 6 Zees. Staking Zee boosts the size of your deposits, giving you a bigger share of rewards within the Harvester. Boosts stack additively, not multiplicatively. For instance, if you stake 3 Zee, you boost your deposit by (1 + 10% + 14% + 12%) = 1.36x and increase your share of rewards in the Harvester.

Deposit Boost

The Zee's level determines the boost:

  • Ranging from ~5% for lvl 1 to ~20% for lvl 50 Zees.
  • Note: the on-chain mining boost for Zees' is periodically updated to reflect the Zees' level, so it may take some time to see mining boosts updates after levelling your Zee.

Browse Zees here:

Metabolic Boosters

Harvest Boost: Each Metabolic Booster increases the Harvester’s mining power, benefiting everyone in the Harvester.

  • Small Metabolic Boosters: 20% boost.
  • Medium Metabolic Boosters: 25% boost.
  • Large Metabolic Boosters: 30% boost.
  • …Other more power Boosters exist, but are scarce and difficult to find around the Treasure ecosystem

A maximum of 10 Metabolic Boosters can be staked at a time. These are burned once staked. Boosts expire after 1~3 hrs (depending on the Booster.) Players must work together to maintain boosts and to keep their Harvester producing more $MAGIC.

Browse Metabolic Boosters here: https://app.treasure.lol/collection/consumables


Deposit Boost

Players can stake Legions for a Deposit Boost. Up to 40kg worth of Legions can be staked. The boost % are the same as original Harvesters and based on their rarity.

Browse Legions here:

Maintaining Emberwing — Corruption

A toxic substance “Corruption” gradually leaks into the Harvester over time, slowing down the Harvester’s ability to produce $MAGIC over time. Players can counteract this by burning Zeeverse items in the Harvester.

Approximately 666 CORR flows into each Harvester every hour (this can fluctuate depending on what happens in Bridgeworld’s Crypts). To counteract this, players can purge Corruption from their Harvester by burning Zeeverse items as offerings.

Players will also be able to use Balancer Crystals and Bridgeworld Prisms to purge corruption with the same effectiveness (just like other Harvesters).

When purging Corruption, “Malevolent Prisms” are sometimes dropped, which can later be used to forge ERC20 Corruption and sabotage enemy Harvesters, leading to more $MAGIC for your Harvester.

When Corruption levels are higher, the drop rates for Malevolent Prisms are also higher, as Zeeverse Items are absorbing more of this toxic substance.

For more details see: https://docs.bridgeworld.treasure.lol/gameplay/fighting-corruption

Controlling Corruption with Zee in Bridgeworld

Zee can play in Bridgeworld’s “Corruption Crypts” game which is a perpetual maze that periodically shifts and resets.

  • The goal is to reach the end destination where one of the Harvester tiles is located.
  • If they make it to the end of the maze, they start directing more Corruption to that particular Harvester (i.e attack it).
  • Then Zee can also turn their Malevolent Prisms (which are sometimes dropped when removing Corruption from Emberwing) into additional Corruption ERC20 for their wallet, which they can cast on enemy Harvesters to lower their Mining Power and $MAGIC emissions (which also increases Emberwing’s $MAGIC emissions)

You can read more about how the game works and how to play here: https://docs.bridgeworld.treasure.lol/gameplay/corruption/corruption-crypts

Forging Corruption

Each Zee can forge Corruption once per round if they reach the end of the maze before the map resets.

  • The amount of CORR the Zee will claim is 0.2% of the Corruption Forging Pool which grows over time at 5000 CORR per hour.
  • You can group Zee and legions into armies of 5 to batch play.

So for example, if a single Zee forges CORR when there is 2,000,000 Corruption in the Corruption Forging Pool, they will receive 4000 CORR, leaving 1,996,000 CORR in the pool (less for following players to claim).

  • The faster you finish the maze, the more CORR you forge.

Then players can work with their team and send CORR to other Harvesters to slow down their MAGIC emissions (which speeds up the Zeeverse Harvesters rewards indirectly)

The Crypts maze resets periodically after a percentage (approx 40%) of players reach the end of the maze (or after 7 days, whichever happens first).

For extra details, see:

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