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4 min readMar 25, 2024


Shamans, are you ready? The Harvester PVP Tournament Week (25.03–31.03) is about to start, marking the middle of Zeeverse Ancient Permit campaign. It’s getting hot, fast!

Week 1 Recap

Week 1 has been action filled PvE bonanza, with Ancient Permits being acquired through The Forge, Fishing, Weekly Harvest and tons of community events in our Discord, but it’s time to raise the stakes (and the rewards).

Ancient Permit for the Zeeverse Harvester

Tournament Info

Second stage of the campaign is about to begin, which sees players competing for 985 Zeeverse Ancient Permits! 18 Tribes were formed before March 15, and after March 22, 15 Tribes are remaining. Shamans can still continue joining Tribes of their liking throughout the tournament!

List of Tribes participating in the Tournament, with the emphasis put on Tribes defending a Harvester:

  • CryptoCats — 360 Members
  • 轩辕站祖 — 247 Members
  • Knights of Zee [Thundermane] — 179 Members
  • Lupus Magus — 168 Members
  • Utopia — 143 Members
  • zee去哪儿 — 102 Members
  • Apocalypto [Emerion] — 96 Members
  • C FIsh — 87 Members
  • Llamas in Pajamas — 66 Members
  • BamBoo — 42 Members
  • The Nest — 34 Members
  • Unlucky — 30 Members
  • SeroyDAO — 28 Members
  • Creator Alliance — 24 Members
  • CRYPTOLAMERS — 20 Members

The Harvester’s Tribe that ranks last amongst other Harvester Tribes will face the loss of their Harvester!!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Every Tournament has X amount of groups, based on the number of participants. Each group has 16 members, competing in a single-elimination type of Tournament. Only one player in each group emerges victorious!
Every Tournament has 3 rounds and the next round begins after all the contestants have finished the round and further matchups are calculated.

Winners of every group get awarded with Victory Points:

  • 1st Place — 5 Victory Points
  • 2nd Place — 3 Victory Points
  • 3rd & 4th Place — 1 Victory Point

When a Shaman earns a Victory Point, progress is made on two fronts: the Tribe and Individual leaderboards. The Tribe leaderboard aggregates the total Victory Points won by top 15 members of a Tribe, showcasing collective achievement. Meanwhile, the Individual leaderboard ranks Shamans based on the Victory Points each has earned independently, highlighting personal success.

How to begin?

Approach the PVP portal (after 0.18.0 update) and sign-up for an official Tournament. After a Tournament is concluded, sign-ups for the next begin.


The Tournament week will host 20 tournaments, with open sign-ups & automatically place its participants in 16 player brackets. Here’s the rules & restrictions:

  • Entry fee: 0 $VEE
  • Number of participants (per group): 16
  • Type: Single Elimination
  • Sandbox Mode*: Level 5
  • Allow Equipment: No
  • Allow Consumables: No
  • Allow Evolutions: No
  • NFT Required: No
  • Soul Shard Required: No

*Sandbox Mode — During the tournament, all Zees will be temporarily set to level 5. Traits are set to upgrade level 1.

Tournament Week schedule


Total of 985 Zeeverse Ancient Permits are allocated to Tournament Week.

  • Individual Leaderboard: 429 Ancient Permits distributed to top 100 Shamans.
  • Tribe Leaderboard: 556 Ancient Permits distributed to top 15 Shamans of top 3 Tribes!

Good luck in the upcoming Tournament Week! May Waka bless your battles and your spirit stay strong!

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Embark on a heroic journey through the Spirit Realms to unlock ancient mysteries, collect mythical creatures, and forge your path among gods.

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