Zeeverse: Heist Mode

3 min readNov 22, 2023


The Heist, now available to Soul Shard holders , presents a new strategic PvP playground in Zeeverse.

Here, you’ll employ your skills and tactics in a clever game against rival Shamans. It’s a test of defending your acquired wealth and skilfully accumulating others’.

Setting Up Your Heist Adventure

Melon Tusk, the keeper of wealth in Zeeverse, has now opened his Grand Bank, heralding the start of the Heist.

Begin your journey by visiting Melon Tusk and fortifying your vault with Zee, making it robust against the greed of other Shamans. Your Vault, much like those of others, will begin to steadily accrue $VEE every hour, making it a tempting prospect for other Shamans.

It’s important to strategically handle your resources and time your withdrawals, safeguarding your accumulated wealth from the clutches of enterprising rivals.

Engaging in Vault Raids

Step into the Heist with a keen eye and sharp wit, eager for the coveted green tokens of Zeeverse! Acquire Heist Tokens from Dungeons, offer them to Melon Tusk, and he’ll craftily direct you to other Shamans’ vaults.

If a vault appears too mighty or reward too puny, a little $VEE can guide you to a more satisfying target. And should your vault fall to a crafty Shaman, a Heist Security Shield will be yours, granting temporary sanctuary from further pilfering.

Rankings and Rewards

Your stature in the Heist’s League Leaderboard isn’t just for show; it directly impacts your rewards.

Successful raids and solid defenses boost your Rank Points and your standing, with ascension through the Leagues, sweetening your hourly Base rewards and the Bonus you receive from staking.

Staking for Enhanced Yield

To increase your hourly $VEE earnings, consider staking your own. What you stake matures gradually, starting from a return of 6% over a year, calculated down to each hour. Under Melon Tusk’s watchful eye, your personal stakes are secure from the grasp of other Shamans.

Plundering and Rewards

The spoils from your Heist raids lands in your Vault. Withdrawing your accumulated wealth from the Grand Bank isn’t as straightforward; Melon Tusk requires Heist Tokens for that service as well.

Concluding the Adventure

As Zeeverse unveils Patch 0.15.0, the Heist emerges as a thrilling new chapter in this mystical world. This guide serves both as an announcement and a pathway to mastering the Heist. Embrace the challenge, strategize wisely, and step forth, Shamans!

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