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Zeeverse Asset Overview

In the Spirit Realm of Zeeverse, Shamans are awakening to a cosmic shift, heralding a new era. This realm, a haven for wandering souls, is filled with mystical artefacts, offering the keys to shaping destinies. These powerful relics, far beyond mere trinkets, unlock the mysteries of an enigmatic world rich with ancient lore.

Genesis Masks — The Cornerstone of Your Journey

Zeeverse Genesis Masks

Chain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-721
Marketplace: Opensea, Treasure

At the heart of the Zeeverse narrative, Genesis Masks are the cornerstone of the entire ecosystem. Initially bestowed upon the earliest players, these Masks are paramount in a Shaman’s journey and offer significant benefits:

  • Free or Priority mint access to all Zeeverse collections.
  • Increased $VEE token gains from Quests and Dungeons.
  • Enhanced XP gains in Dungeons.
  • Guaranteed $ZEEV Governance Token allocation.
  • Special access in the Zeeverse Discord community.
  • Exclusive in-game wearables.
  • Influence in Mask DAO (TBA).

In the unfolding story of the Strange New World (the upcoming Zeeverse Land Sale), the role of your Genesis Mask will evolve to become a crucial component in Tribal gameplay.

When you stake your Mask onto a Land, it not only begins to share its Blessings among all your Tribe members, but also qualifies your Tribe for a claim in the Seasonal Zeeverse Reward Pool through the Tribe War.

Additionally, the in-game advantages (Blessings) bestowed upon your Tribe members will be intricately linked to the distinct traits of your Genesis Mask, further deepening the connection between your Mask’s legacy and your Tribe’s destiny in Zeeverse.

Sinoru Nation, Chayara Nation, and Takanuwa Nation Genesis Masks

Staking: Your Path to Enhanced Gameplay and Rewards

Staking your Genesis Mask is a strategic step towards earning Zeeverse Governance Tokens ($ZEEV), amplifying your Shaman’s in-game abilities, and integrating your journey with the realm’s evolving narrative.

The soft-staking mechanism unlocks your in-game benefits and seeds your future allocation of $ZEEV tokens, depending on the number of Masks staked, while maintaining freedom in transactions.

Read more about Genesis Mask Staking here.
Stake your Genesis Masks here.

Items — The Arsenal for Your Success

Zeeverse Items

Chain: Arbitrum
Standard: ERC-1155
Marketplace: Opensea, Treasure

Items in Zeeverse are not just possessions; they are potent totems of power and strategy. Categorized by rarity — Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary — each item influences a Shaman’s stats and gameplay, with some even capable of hindering their path. Shamans might discover that some items hold special abilities or that some Equipment sets provide Set bonuses. The spectrum of items includes the following:


A diverse range of gear providing various enhancements in the form of Stat buffs (i.e. Attack, Defense, etc.) and special abilities.

Equipment can be placed into one of 5 slots in a Shaman's inventory — Mask, Top, Bottoms, Main Hand and Off-hand

Until recently, equipment in Zeeverse could only be acquired by virtue of Loot Pods. But with the launch of The Forge, Zeeverse introduced a new system which opens the path for future Equipment to be acquired through Dungeons and Boss drops.

Loot Pods

Loot Pods are currently the main means to acquire in-game equipment. A variety of Loot Pods have so far been introduced in Zeeverse, including the Water, Fire, Jungle and Legendary Genesis Loot Pods, each containing distinct treasures and generous $VEE token allocations.

Left to right: Genesis Fire Loot Pod, Legendary Loot Pod, Weekly Harvest Loot Pod

Perhaps the most accessible at the moment are the Weekly Harvest Loot Pods, attainble through the Weekly Harvest events in Zeeverse where you compete with other players to retrieve an escaped flock of Corn Cobs from the Maze God's realm. Catch one— and you shall be rewarded with a Pod of your own.

Weekly Harvest event schedule can be found here.


Cosmetics are special Emotes and Victory poses that enable enhanced communication for Shamans. They don't provide any combat benefits but act as a fun interaction and a tasteful status symbol among your peers.

Zee — Your Faithful Battle Companions

Chain: Arbitrum
Standard: ERC-721
Marketplace: Opensea, Treasure

Zee are not merely spirits; they are the embodiment of the dual nature of the Spirit Realm. As in-game battle companions, they represent both friendly and hostile entities. The progression of a Zee is intricately tied to the evolving narrative of Zeeverse.

As you begin your journey, you will earn your first Zee Eggs by completing the tutorial. Throughout the game, your goal is to train your Zee in battles to improve their stats, power-up their Traits, and eventually bring them through Evolution.

Currently, 10 types of Zee are available in-game. 9 of them are obtained through Zee Eggs dropped by the Dungeon boss, Seether, and the 10th is a special Llama Zee which dropped during the Curve: The 4th Dimension quest, and can now be acquire from other players on the marketplace.

With the release of Beta, Zeeverse will see many more Zee enter into its realm. You may even like to know that so far over 70 types of Zee and their evolution concepts have been developed by the team.

Lands — A Strange New World

Strange New World — Teaser Trailer

The imminent Land sale introduces a new chapter in the Zeeverse story. Influenced by the choices of Shamans, their Zees, and Genesis Masks, these Lands will bring new gameplay, economic structures, rewards, and social dynamics. Each Land is more than a habitat for Zees or a base for Tribes; it’s a cornerstone of prosperity and narrative evolution in Zeeverse.

Zeeverse Land Sale is scheduled for December 7, 2023

Read more about Zeeverse Lands here.

$VEE— Your In-Game Currency

The $VEE token in Zeeverse is the lifeblood of the in-game economy and the means to your advancements, empowering Shamans in various ways:

  • Zee Leveling
  • Zee Trait power-ups
  • Staking in Zeeverse in-game bank
  • Wagering in PvP duels
  • Using $VEE to acquire essential items from NPC merchants. (coming soon!)

Shamans come into possession of $VEE by completing Dungeons and acquiring them through Heists, or by opening Loot Pods. However, some Shamans choose visit MagicSwap or Curve Exchange to expedite this process and top-up their in-game balances.

Read more about $VEE tokens in our Game Docs:

Other Collections

Soul Shards

Soul Shards are Soulbound NFTs that act as your access pass to the Zeeverse Economy. You require a Soul Shard to enable your access to $VEE and asset withdrawals, PVP Game Modes, and (in the future) get access to in-game P2P trading features and Battle Pass rewards.

Mint your Seasonal Soul Shard here.

Ambassador Tokens

Ambassador Tokens are Soulbound NFTs that enable the Zeeverse referral Program. As an Ambassdor, you can mint and airdrop free Refferal Tokens to your friends and community to grant them discount benefits and earn instant commission when they purchase Loot Pods, Soul Shards, or stake on-chain $VEE tokens.

Read more about the Ambassador Program here.

About Zeeverse

Zeeverse is a free-to-play monster-tamer RPG set in an indigenous fantasy world. It’s a place where turn-based strategy meets exploration, the thrill of collecting, and the player’s drive to create.

Embark on a heroic journey through the Spirit Realms to unlock ancient mysteries, collect mythical creatures, and forge your path among gods.

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