Zeeverse: Shaman's Guide to Fishing & Cooking

3 min readFeb 6, 2024


Shamans from every corner have eagerly anticipated the moment when Waka enriches the waterways with fish ripe for the catching, cooking, and savoring. The Fishing & Cooking, the first pair of the nine skills finally arrives at Zeeverse.

Casting Off

Shamans have been finding fishing rods in Corn Loot Pods for a while. Though their purpose was initially a bit unclear (despite being somewhat obvious), it’s time to put them to use. To start your fishing journey in Zeeverse, you’ll need one of these rods, plus some Bait, which you can find from Dungeon 15 and onwards, and from The Forge.

Every Shaman begins at the Central Pond in the Zeeverse lobby, a spot where any rod will do. However, as you move to different fishing locations, each spot will have its own rod requirements. Central Pond works with any rod, but rarer, more challenging locations require higher-tier rods.

The more you fish, the better you get. As you gain experience, your fishing speed and proficiency increase, opening up new, more challenging areas to conquer.

On the Stick

Take your catch to the island’s bonfire and delve into Cooking! Novice chefs will quickly learn that perfection in cooking fish is an acquired skill — mishaps may occur, but as your cooking level ascends, so does your mastery, eventually ensuring that your fish never meet a burnt fate.

Packing for Battle

To leverage the fish in combat, Shamans must acquire a Travel Bag, found within Corn Loot Pods. This essential item allows the storage of two consumables, ready to be deployed in battle to rejuvenate your Zees.

How to acquire Corn Loot Pod

  • Mint them on our website using $VEE or ETH
  • Buy them in-game for 10,000 $VEE (Yep, we discounted them for 50%)
  • Get 3 free Corn Loot Pods when you mint a Seasonal Soul Shard
  • Or purchase them from our Discord Voxel store for 7,500 Voxels

This is just the beginning of your skilling journey in Zeeverse, and we’re keen to hear what you think. Share your experiences, thoughts, and anything else with us — we’re listening!

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