Zeeverse — Shaman's Guide to Treasure Connect

4 min readJun 14, 2024


The integration of Treasure Wallet into Zeeverse marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Zeeverse. To enhance the Shaman’s experience, this article serves as a guide.

To begin, connect or create your wallet by clicking on Treasure’s icon near your Shaman’s picture. Enter your email, input the received code, and you’re connected! Additionally, once per day, you can claim 100 on-chain $VEE, which lands in your Treasure Wallet.
Note that your Treasure profile is tied to your Zeeverse account.

To transfer assets (Zee, Items) to your Treasure Wallet, visit: https://bridgeworld.treasure.lol/harvesters/zeeverse. Through this interface, you can also transfer Ancient Permits, $MAGIC, Legions, and Boosters to interact with the Zeeverse Harvester. For more Harvester details, visit here: https://zeeverse.medium.com/zeeverse-harvester-awakens-d4fdb01db757.

Items transferred to your Treasure Wallet can be used to purge Harvester’s Corruption or exchanged for Corn Lootpods at the Trader (10 Common items = 1 Corn Lootpod; coming next update — 2 Rare items = 1 Corn Lootpod).

Zee transferred to your Treasure Wallet can be used to boost your personal Harvester yield or for Evolution. For Zee evolution, refer to this article: https://zeeverse.medium.com/zeeverse-evolutions-24e05607850a.

To transfer $VEE, simply send your on-chain $VEE to your Treasure Wallet address.

How to Evolve Curve Llama

As Llamas are located on ETH, additional steps apply:

  • Send three level 50 Curve Llamas or Funky Curve Llamas to your Treasure Wallet address.
  • Send 420 $CRV to your Treasure Wallet (cost of evolving a Curve Llama).
  • Send approximately 0.016 ETH to the wallet to cover deployment costs.
  • Attempt to switch chains in the evolution screen (Click on the Arbitrum logo and select ETH).
  • Upon successful switch, you should see your Llamas ready to be evolved.

Change Your Mind?

You can withdraw $VEE or $CRV tokens from your Treasure Wallet by selecting the asset from your in-game inventory and choosing “withdraw.” Note: In the next update, you will be able to deposit your on-chain $VEE in-game directly from your inventory.

To withdraw ETH from your Treasure Wallet, you will need to export the wallet’s private key. Please consult this article for steps on how to do it: https://docs.treasure.lol/treasure-stack/treasure-connect.

About Zeeverse

Zeeverse is a free-to-play monster-tamer RPG set in an indigenous fantasy world. It’s a place where turn-based strategy meets exploration, the thrill of collecting, and the player’s drive to create.

Embark on a heroic journey through the Spirit Realms to unlock ancient mysteries, collect mythical creatures, and forge your path among gods.

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