Zeeverse Staking: Genesis Masks

5 min readApr 22, 2023

Today we're happy to announce a brand-new Soft Staking program for the Zeeverse Genesis Mask collection!

Read on to learn about the benefits, mechanics, and your future role as a part of the core Zeeverse community.

What are Genesis Masks?

Masks play the role of a Premium Utility Pass in Zeeverse. Distributed to the earliest players via free mint in 2022, these NFTs grant an ever-expanding set of benefits to their holders.

Zeeverse Genesis Fire Mask

Current and planned benefits for Genesis Masks include:

  • Priority access to future mints (i.e. Soul Shards, Land, Zee Eggs etc.)
  • $ZEEV governance token allocation.
  • In-game reward boosts (XP & $VEE).
  • Community status & special in-game wearables.
  • Voting privileges in Mask DAO (TBA).
  • A key role in the Zeeverse Land meta-game (TBA).

So far, only some of these benefits could be applied, but Staking has given us new possibilities for the types and structures of rewards we can now distribute among the Genesis Mask holders.

The only difference? You must now Stake your Mask to get in on the action!

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/zeeverse-masks

Staking Mechanics

Types of Staking

Generally, there are two types of Staking:

  • Hard Staking: requires you to deposit your NFT into a Smart Contract, hereby locking your NFT for a pre-defined amount of time (Consumes Gas).
  • Soft Staking: lets you keep your NFT in your wallet and transact freely during the Staking period (doesn't consume Gas).

Both mechanisms require a wallet signature. The difference comes in that Soft Staking will not cost you anything extra while Hard Staking may consume up to $50 in Gas per Staked NFT. That's why we chose the Soft Staking mechanism for this campaign.

How to Stake Your Masks

It's a quick process and takes just couple steps:

  1. Head to https://zee-verse.com/mask-staking
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Select the Masks you wish to stake (can be several at a time)
  4. Click on “Stake Masks” and approve your signature.

Once staked, your Masks will become eligible for allowlist snapshots, enable your in-game reward boosts (coming soon), and begin generating daily points that go towards your allocation for the future $ZEEV airdrop.

⚠️ WARNING: Your selected Masks will get soft-locked for 90 Days. If you transfer or sell a Staked Mask during the this period, its generated points for the $ZEEV allocation will be lost and you will no longer be eligible for rewards.

Staking Benefits

Starting today, all Genesis Masks must be Staked to activate their full range of benefits. These benefits are periodically revised and expanded, so you can expect the Masks to bring even more perks in the future.

Priority Access to Future Mints

Depending on the type and size of the mint, a Mask will grant you an automatic allowlist or sometimes even a free mint for our future drops.

For example, for the upcoming Genesis Drop, each Mask you hold guarantees 1x free mint. And since the items in the Drop are stackable, so are your free mints. Meaning, that if you have 5x Masks staked at the time of the snapshot (April 26), you will be eligible for 5x free mints.

Future drops include limited-edition Lands and Zee Eggs for whom the allowlist structures haven't yet been announced. But rest assured — Genesis Mask holders will always be the first in line for any new collections Zeeverse releases.

$ZEEV Governance Token Allocation

Zeeverse economy is based on a dual-token monetary system where:

  • $VEE is the main in-game token used for most transaction types like Zee Hatching, Leveling, PVP Waging, and Dungeon rewards.
  • $ZEEV is our upcoming governance token which is reserved for high-value in-game transactions like Evolution, as well as P2P Trading, Governance, and more.

Upon token launch, part of the $ZEEV supply will be distributed to the community, and your personal allocation for the airdrop will depend on duration and quantity of Masks you will have staked leading up to it.

The minimum soft-lock period eligible for an allocation is 90 Days, during which every Staked Mask will yield 1 Point per day. Your final number of Points will determine your allocation size compared to the overall pool.

⚠️ WARNING: Keep in mind that if you sell or transfer a Mask before the end of its soft-lock period, all of the Points that Mask has generated will be lost.

In-game Reward Boosts (XP & $VEE)

Our goal is to position the Genesis Masks to be attractive to both Players and Collectors. For this reason, Masks will also grant in-game reward boosts under the following structure:

  • 1x Mask: double $VEE rewards for daily quests
  • 3x Masks: double XP rewards in dungeons
  • 5x Masks: double $VEE rewards in dungeons

The in-game benefits may get improved and updated in the future and are estimated to launch in mid-to-late May.

Community Status & Special In-game Cosmetics

With the Genesis Drop, we are launching an overhaul of the Zeeverse data structure and introducing our long-awaited Cosmetics System. Through it, players will now be able to equip wearable items onto their characters which opens new layers of depth for social interaction, gameplay, and the in-game economy.

As a Genesis Mask holder (Staker), you will be eligible for special limited cosmetic items and visual indicators within Zeeverse, setting you apart as a true native of the ecosystem.

Voting privileges in Mask DAO (TBA).

In the true spirit of Web3 and decentralization, one of our aims is to experiment with and innovate upon Governance models in Web3 gaming.

Who is to decide which characters get buffed or nerfed?

Which bug-fixes should be prioritized in the development pipeline?

How should reward faucets and sinks be balanced throughout the game?

These are just some of the questions we hope the community will be empowered to help us answer in the future, and Genesis Masks will be your key to enter this decision-room.

The Staking is now live and we invite you to take part!

Just remember that it's the early days, and we have still much to learn and improve upon to deliver the best community experience we possibly can. So expect frequent updates on Staking and everything that surrounds it!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, you are welcome to participate in the discussion on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/zeeverse




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