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Strange New World

Almost two years ago, the journey of Zeeverse began as an experiment in a web3-enabled, player-owned, game-economics-fueled bonanza of a game.

We are incredibly proud of our team’s technological achievements and the community that grew along with our story, and we’re thrilled about what lies ahead.

October 18 marked a remarkable day in the timeline of Zeeverse. We announced the Strange New World — our upcoming, monumental Land sale launching ahead of the long-anticipated Zeeverse Beta.

And today, we’re happy to share more details about the campaign to provide you with context as to why we believe this to be a new step for Web3 gaming.

Zeeverse: Strange New World — Teaser Trailer


Lands will be a new asset class in the Zeeverse universe, configured as ERC-6551 or The Backpack NFT. This means that Lands themselves will contain a wallet which may hold other Zeeverse NFTs and tokens, like equipment, tools, resources, and Genesis Masks.

Our goal with Zeeverse has always been to explore innovation and help nudge the Web3 gaming space towards a more sustainable future. And with our implementation of Lands, we believe we have found a way towards a cohesive, fun, and rewarding long-term experience for both Players and Collectors.

The Lands will glue together all existing Zeeverse components and, in doing so, establish the game’s next chapter, filled with new gameplay mechanics, economic systems, and social interactions. Your Land will become a home for your Zee, a stronghold for your Tribe, and a source of income to support your conquest across Zeeverse.

Your Land will be the door to your Tribal adventure in Zeeverse, and your Genesis Mask will be its key.

Establish Your Tribe

With Beta, come Lands. And with Lands, come Tribes. Social player structures akin to Guilds in MMOs, where players will come together under a single banner to establish their presence in Zeeverse and grow their notoriety as a group. Tribes may be formed by single leaders, friend groups, or even DAOs.

The number of Tribes is limited to the number of Lands, and both the Grade and the Traits of the Land will govern its member capacity, in-game benefits, resource quality, and other properties.

At the head of each Land stands its holder, or the Master Chief. They collect tax, assign permissions, decide what the Tribe's resources are used for, and lead their group towards a common goal.

The real magic happens when you, the Master Chief, or your appointed party stake a Genesis Mask on the Land for the first time. Once staked, you will be able to choose your plot coordinates on the map and will see your Land take affiliation with one of Three Nations, depending on the Nation of the staked Mask.

This, in turn, will enable trait-based Blessings on your Land and open the path for your Tribe to summon Legendary Beasts to compete in the cycle of Tribe Wars (more on this below).


Think of Blessings as buffs your Land will automatically assign to all your Tribe members. They can make your Zee stronger, your crops grow faster, your rewards multiply, and your enemies tremble at your might!

The number of Blessing slots on your Land depends on the Grade of your Land, and the type of the Blessing is decided by the Traits of the staked Genesis Mask. Specific Traits and their corresponding buffs will be revealed later, and may get updated and improved as we go.

Blessings will be applied equally to all Tribe members, and can be changed and Boosted (more on this below) throughout the Tribe’s existence.

In summary, Blessings will introduce a massive expansion to our current Mask Staking Program, where your Mask will now influence the gameplay of an ever-growing number of players.

Tribe Hierarchy

As all tribes in history, the Tribes in Zeeverse will involve a hierarchy. Although it’s up to you as the Master Chief to decide who gets to enter your Land and to delegate subsequent permissions, we have currently envisioned 3 types of roles for all Tribes:

Master Chief

As the Land holder and the ultimate beneficiary, you can decide how much you’d like to engage in the Land gameplay. Yet, each Season the Tribes will compete for the Seasonal Reward Pool, so it’ll be in your interest to foster a healthy Tribe, to be eligible for your piece of the pie.

As the Master Chief, you will collect $VEE tax on all transactions made by your tribe members in the game. And one of your most impactful decisions will be choosing how that tax is spent.

Will you invest it in Land upgrades? Buy tools and gear? Distribute a portion among the members to incentivize participation or host massive PVP tournaments? That's up to you.

As the Master Chief, you may also delegate your Land management responsibilities to other tribe members through permissions, while taking more of a mentorship role yourself. Though, the terms of such arrangement should be up to you and your partners.


The committed believers and supporters of a Master Chief and their Tribe. Patrons can be either existing Tribe members or completely unrelated, anonymous entities who opt in to support a Tribe through Land Boosts.

Boosts are Tribe-specific, and Patrons may purchase or sell them. When purchased, Boosts increase the Blessing effects on the Land. When sold — the effects are reverted.

With each new purchase, the price of the Boost automatically increases (together with its effect) and continues to fluctuate as more Patrons choose to Boost a certain Tribe.

What’s in it for Patrons? This system will function on the backbone of the latest SocialFi experiments, opening doors to completely new actors in Zeeverse who are interested in the lucrative opportunity of recognizing ambitous Tribes and benefitting from their success.

Beyond that, the Master Chief will collect a % fee on each purchase and sale of a Boost related to their Land. Meaning, the more the Master Chief grows their Tribe, the more inviting it becomes for Patrons, who in turn fuel its growth even more.


The backbone of any Tribe, the players from far and wide — excited to contribute and leave their mark on something extraordinary, and get rewarded along the way.

Any player can become a Tribe member — as long as they’re accepted by the Master Chief of the Tribe. The members aren’t required to hold a Soul Shard or any other Zeeverse assets, effectively making the experience free for all players.

Depending on the social structure and goals of a Tribe, its Chief may even involve members in DAO-like mechanisms, collectively shaping their path, expertise, and the odds of success of the Tribe.

Private Lobbies

Your Land will also function as a private lobby for your Tribe. Similar to your experience in the current Zeeverse Starter lobby, you will be able to hang out, socialize, and host events with your fellow Tribe members.

You decide who gets access to your lobby — it can be private or public, or even gated using NFTs from other projects. A set of social features will make it an ideal virtual space for AMAs, drop parties, and Tribe meetings.

Cultivate Your Land

Revealed at the launch of Beta, each Land will receive one or more resource plots on their premises, depending on the Grade of the Land.

Your land may contain abundant water sources like ponds and rivers where your Tribe members will be able to fish in serenity, without competing for public fishing decks on the mainland.

Or you may get a fertile piece of land to grow maize, fruit, and herbs, and then craft them into food and potions to sell to other players and share with your Tribe members in Raids.

The opportunities are endless. And same as with all assets in Zeeverse, your resource plots will have inherent rarity, determining the quality, abundance, and regeneration rate of its resource.


Coming at a later stage, each Land will also receive a Voxel mine — a pivotal element in our vision for the Creator economy of Zeeverse.

Voxels, in conjunction with recipes, will be used to craft objects and artefacts for the Land. Some may be purely decorative, like sculptures and shrines, some may be used to display your Tribe’s achievements, like Totem poles, and some may bring functional benefits to all of its members, like a bank vault or various Skill-related equipment.

Voxels will be abundant in their types, yet each Land will only get its own, encouraging Tribes to strategize, coordinate, and trade with each other.

Compete in Tribe Wars

The culmination of the Land game is the Seasonal cycle of Tribe Wars. A grandiose multi-week event in Zeeverse where all Tribes compete in an area-control style campaign of Tribal clashes, coordination, and resource allocation.

At the forefront of it all — your Lengedary Beast. Summoned using your Genesis Mask, it will be the key to your triumph in the War. And how your Tribe tends to it during the times of peace will determine its capabilities during battle.

The holy grail of each Tribe War cycle will be the Grand Prize Pool — a combination of sponsored in-game artefacts and a massive accumulation of $VEE, accrued through contributions from thousands of in-game micro-transactions competed by players throughout the Season.

The Grand Prize Pool will be awarded to the championing Nation of the Season and distributed proportionally among the winner Tribes based on their merit and contribution to the victory of their Nation.

Sale Information

Zeeverse Land Sale will take place on Ethereum Mainnet and is currently scheduled for the end of November. The team is heads-down in preparations, and we’ll announce the precise date as the time approaches.a

Colleciton Size

Same as Genesis Masks, the Land collection will consist of 3,333 plots, with the following Grading:

  • 3,000 Rare Land Plots
  • 300 Epic Land Plots
  • 33 Legendary Land Plots

Simultaneously, each Plot will have intrinsic traits corresponding to its resource type and quality, voxel type, biome, layout, and other properties disclosed at the event of the reveal.

Land Price

The price of individual Land plots is categorized by its Grade. A Land’s Grade will determine its member capacity, number of Blessing slots, and the base quality of its resources:

Rare Land Plots: 0.125 ETH
Epic Land Plots: TBA
Legendary Land Plots: TBA


As with all Zeeverse collections, Genesis Mask Holders get an automatic Allowlist spot for the Land Collection, allowing them to purchase a Land Plot before anyone else, at a rate of 1 Mask = 1 Allowlist.

The Land Sale itself will consist of 2 stages:
Stage 1: a short (1–2 hour) private sale reserved for Genesis Mask Holders. Stage 2: a public sale with the leftover supply from the private sale.

How to Get a Land for Free

Will there be a way to mint a Land plot for free? Yes!

Starting Monday, October 30th, you will be invited to embark on Weaver’s Quest — an adventurous 4-week campaign that will take you all throughout Zeeverse and some of our Treasure Partner games in search of legendary Shells.

Assemble all, and you shall exchange them for a legendary Land Wampum Belt which grants 1x Free Mint at the day of the sale during any of the stages.

More details on the Weaver’s Quest will follow this week, and your best chance at learning about them first is to join our upcoming AMA: Discord event link.

Land Wampum Belt

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Embark on a heroic journey through the Spirit Realms to unlock ancient mysteries, collect mythical creatures, and forge your path among gods.

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