Zeeverse Dungeons: The Forge

4 min readOct 12, 2023


In the hallowed realm of Zeeverse, where the scales of Order and Chaos delicately balance, whispers of a new trial arise. There, amidst a tapestry of indigenous tales and Shamanic pursuits, emerges The Forge.

Floating serenely as a volcanic isle, it’s bound by chains that seem to stitch the very fabric of the cosmos. Yet, these chains hold more than just a realm; they bind a mysterious creature, echoing the will of a God yet unknown.

Dive deeper into this article, as we unveil the mechanics, the mysteries, and the treasures that await in this latest chapter of Zeeverse.


The Forge, a mystic sanctuary, opens its doors to those guiding Zee teams of Level 15 and beyond. Conceived with intricate challenges, it promises a renewed PVE experience, especially for those standing on the threshold of Zeeverse’s known horizons.

As the week unfolds, during the sacred days of Friday through Sunday, The Forge’s portal pulses with ancient energy, beckoning the brave. Here, agility and wit are your allies as you delve deeper, aiming to confront the fiery heart of the abyss: Vulcan.

This venture, though reminiscent of Zeeverse’s classic Dungeons, promises unique surprises. As you navigate through its corridors, you’ll encounter adversaries unlike any other. Why? Because The Forge is not merely a challenge; it’s the dawn of the long-awaited 2nd Evolution Zee. Initially your foes, but with time and understanding, these evolved beings might stand as your companions.

Gameplay Screenshot

Weekly Modifiers

Every week, The Forge reshapes its trials, introducing players to a set of combat modifiers. These celestial rhythms alter the very essence of battle, influencing stats, Zee types, and abilities.

These modifiers flow as such:

  • Base Modifier: applied at Level 1
  • Weakness: applied at Level 5
  • Blessing: applied from Level 11

And based on each week’s alignment, players are encouraged to harmonize their Zee composition and equipment to best fit the challenge at hand.

Week 1 (October 13–15) modifiers will apply as follows:

  • Base: Your water Zee have 20% more ATK and DEF
  • Negative: Enemy Zee ATK is increased by 30%
  • Positive: Your critical hits do x3 damage
Modifier Dashboard

New Boss: Vulcan

At The Forge’s very heart burns Vulcan. Drawing inspiration from ancient Roman lore, he embodies the essence of fire and craftsmanship. Although formidable, he remains a sentinel, a mere reflection of a mightier force that forged him.

Brace yourself, for you’ll confront Vulcan on Levels 10, 20, and 30. Amidst his searing aura and defenses, you’ll seek to decipher his true powers. And as legends foretell, Vulcan is the first in Zeeverse to offer equipment as trophies to his conquerors**.**

Triumph over him, and amongst the treasures found in Loot Pods, a rare chance exists to acquire the Legendary Off-hand, Nina Wach’a — a battle horn, echoing tales from The Forge’s depths.

Cinematic Gameplay Screenshot


As each week’s challenge concludes, a Leaderboard rises, celebrating and rewarding those who ventured farthest into the abyss. And where 2 or more players happen to split their seat, the quickest shall be reigned as the champion.

The Top 30 will receive blessings in the form of $VEE tokens and Loot Pods, adding to the trophies you can earn from the classic Dungeons and the Weekly Harvest events. Moreover, the weekly champions might soon don the crown of a unique cosmetic relic, a testament to their valor.

Leaderboard UI

The Forge, a realm of mysteries and challenges, marks a pivotal chapter in our journey, as one of the 3 final sagas before Zeeverse’s transition to Beta.

Our lore is vast, our horizons boundless. Stay attuned, follow us on X, partake in our AMAs, and soon, whispers of even grander tales shall reach your ears.




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