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Emberwing — the Zeeverse Harvester

With the awakening of Emberwing, the latest Harvester in the Bridgeworld ecosystem, Shamans of Zeeverse are preparing to tame its flame to compete for their share of $MAGIC emissions.

The arrival of the Harvester in Zeeverse introduces a grandiose event, segmented into two key phases:

  • Phase 1 [March 18–31]: Play & earn Ancient Permits
  • Phase 2 [April 2 — onwards]: Harvester activation and maintenance

Both phases will seek to challenge Shamans in wit and coordination, presenting opportunities to show off their acquired skills across all faucets of Zeeverse gameplay and get handsomely rewarded in the process.

What are Harvesters

Harvesters are mystical beings in Bridgeworld that generate $MAGIC through staking.

Across the Treasure Ecosystem, different communities have uncovered these entities (i.e. Beacon & KOTE) and now their players compete for a portion of daily $MAGIC emissions using gamified DeFi mechanics.

What are Ancient Permits

Ancient Permits are NFTs that grant their bearer the ability to stake up to 2,000 $MAGIC per Permit in the Harvester.

One player may utilize up to 20 permits, and with a total supply of 3,000, these permits are distributed before Harvester’s activation and become tradable on the Treasure marketplace afterwards.

Ancient Permits are a highly sought after artefact. So wether you're a seasoned Harvester participant or new to this, your involvement will be worthwhile!

Phase 1: Play & earn Ancient Permits

A campaign lasting 2 weeks, during which Shamans will engage in various activities across Zeeverse to claim some of the 3,000 Ancient Harvester Permits:

  • Week 1 [March 18–24]: PVE & The Forge
  • Week 2 [March 25–31]: Harvester PVP Tournament

Throughout both weeks, Permits will also be distributed via Weekly Harvest (accompanied by new special Loot Pods), Fishing activities, and our social communities (Discord/X).

Here is the approximate permit distribution by activity type:

  • The Forge (Mask Holders only): 350
  • Weekly Harvest: 450
  • Fishing: 450
  • PVP Tournament Rewards (Individuals): 450
  • PVP Tournament Rewards (Tribes): 550
  • Community activations & raffles: 600

Week 1: Flame of the Depths (PVE & The Forge)

Emberwing, captivated by the allure of the Forge’s flame, escapes from Rupert’s ship and begins absorbing energy from The Forge. This forcibly keeps The Forge open for a week. During this time, players have the opportunity to challenge its boss Vulcan — daily.

Genesis Mask holders will have a chance to receive Ancient Permits as drops from these challenges. Vulcan may drop up to 50 Ancient Permits daily, and Shamans must compete to claim theirs first from each of the four boss instances (Levels 10, 20, 30, 40).

Between the daily Forge conquests, all Shamans (not only Mask holders) may also try their luck in retrieving Ancient Permits through Fishing and Weekly Harvests, for which the schedule will be announced in our Discord closer to the event kick-off.

Ancient Permits from these PVE activities will be directly airdropped into players’ wallets at the end of each day, yet they remain soulbound (locked) until the conclusion of the PVP Tournament on March 31st.

Week 2: Flame of the Warrior (Harvester PVP Tournament)

In Week 2 the heat of the battle calls out to Emberwing, prompting its move to the Arena. Here, the campaign culminates in a week-long tournament where Shamans and Tribes battle for their spot on the PVP leaderboard.

Throughout 7 days and 21 tournament stages, competitors at each stage are randomly placed into 16-player brackets, advancing through knockout rounds.

The top 4 finalists in each bracket score points for themselves and their Tribe, with their cumulative scores displayed on a public Leaderboard.

Upon conclusion of the event, the Top 3 Tribes (15 best-performing players in each) and Top 100 individual players will split a pool of close to a 1000 Ancient Permits (Full distribution table TBA).

Here are some important dates for the tournament:

  • Tribe Formation [March 7–15]: Tribe leaders are invited to register their Tribe, acknowledging the minimum threshold of 15 members to qualify for the tournament. 📝 Fill out this form to sign up (you must be a member of our Discord).
  • Tribe Member Signup [March 15–22]: players may visit their in-game profile to select the Tribe they wish to represent. There is no member limit in Tribes but only the scores of the top 15 members will contribute to the total Tribe score.
  • Tribe Clearance: On March 22, tribes that haven’t reached the thershold of 15 members will be dissolved, allowing players to join any of the remaining tribes.
  • Tournament Kick-off: March 25, 11AM UTC

Note: While Shamans can join any Tribe from the list without prior approval, their chosen Tribes will be locked until the conclusion of the event.

Phase 2: Harvester activation and maintenance

As the Tournament wraps up on March 31, the Harvester awakens shortly after, marking its next Phase. Here, players begin redeeming their earned Ancient Permits to stake $MAGIC and get immersed into the game of the Harvester maintenance.

Enabled by the collaborative efforts of the Treasure and Zeeverse development teams, Emberwing aims to become the first Harvester to be accessible in-game.

Powered by the innovation of Embedded Wallets, players will be able to delegate access of their Zeeverse inventory to a smart contract, allowing for gas-less on-chain transaction to take place directly from the game, regardless of their preferred platform (mobile/PC).

Here are Key mechanics affecting the Harvester maintenance:


  • Corruption ($COR): Harvesters accumulate Corruption over time, reducing their $MAGIC generation capability.
  • Purging Corruption: Use Ash, new consumable NFTs created by burning Zeeverse Items, to purge Corruption. This benefits all participants and offers a chance to receive Malevolent Prisms as loot.
  • Malevolent Prisms: Can be forged into Corruption ERC-20 tokens in Bridgeworld’s Corruption Crypts, allowing players to sabotage other Harvesters and influence $MAGIC emissions.


  • Metabolic Boosters: Directly accessible in Bridgeworld, these Boosters increase Harvester $MAGIC emissions by putting the Harvester in a frenzy for a limited amount of time.
  • Alternative Boosters: Crafted using various types of Balancer Crystals, offering additional strategies for enhancing Harvester performance. Emberwing may also benefit from upcoming Zeeverse Balancer Crystals acquired by burning Magic/$VEE LP tokens.


Players will be able to Stake up to 5x Zee NFTs in the Harvester, and depending on Zee level boost personal deposits and the Harvester’s total mining power.

Stay Tuned

More detailed information on Harvester maintenance in Zeeverse will be released in a follow-up article. In the mean time, you may get acquainted with official Bridgeworld Documentation on the topic.

We also invite you to join our Discord to leave your questions and get notified of all upcoming AMAs covering the Zeeverse Harvester.

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